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  • Recover Inaccessible DigitalOcean Droplet

    Messing up with server configuration is easier than one may think. While most issues can be solved by ssh-ing into the server and reversing whatever ill-fated commands that were executed, sometimes, the misconfiguration can leave you with a server you can’t access at all.

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  • Finding short, good domain names using AWS API ( Free of Cost )

    Recently, I was on a lookout for a domain name for personal use. This domain name will probably never be seen by more than 2 eyes, so I didn’t care exactly what TLD it has, or even what it’s FQDN is.

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  • Building GCC docker image

    When you look at the various official images for docker, you’ll notice that they are built with stability in mind more than anything. This can be noted by the fact that they use Debian as their base, instead of the much lighter Alpine Linux.

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