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  • Finding popular sites from data breach list

    Recently, Troy Hunt added a new dataset of 2844 data breaches with 80M records to his “Have I been pwned” database. Along with this, Troy also provided a list of the names of the files containing this data.

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  • How to use Google OAuth 2.0 in Spring Boot 2.0

    While I have used Google here, the process is pretty much same for Facebook, Github and Okta. Spring Boot 2.0 is coming soon, and the first Release Candidate is already out.

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  • How to authorize using OAuth 2.0 in Postman

    If you develop APIs, you surely must have heard of Postman. It is a tool that is used to test API endpoints. When authorizing, for APIs protected with Basic Auth, you can simply add the username and password as a parameter to an HTTP call.

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